Thursday, October 09, 2008

Maybank2U silly stylesheet mistake

Dear Designers,

Spot the difference!

#OOOOOO vs #000000


Google Chrome XMLHttpRequest Behaviour

This little thing had bug me for sometimes and I managed to hunt it down for the past 1 hour.

Apparently, my brilliant AJAX application works perfectly on IE and Firefox, and by surprise, it worked on Opera and Safari as well. But... not on Google's Chrome!

With disappointment and partly also due to the lack of ability for me to debug the javascript codes on Chrome, I've leave it for sometimes.

And finally, it got fixed today!

In a nut shell, this is the finding:
var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
.... setting of url etc ...
var tagValue = "";
req.setRequestHeader("sometag", tagValue);

Basically, when you did this and execute the send function, you'll end up getting a status code of 0. And then, you'll start scratching your head because you won't find the http request in your web server as well.

Workaround?... simply set something to it, for me, I've put it as javascript null, and it simply translate it to string "null".

Hope this will help developers that read this post.


Friday, September 19, 2008

How safe is your Yahoo account?

This is a hot topic these few days.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska's governer, had her yahoo account being hacked. What the hacker did was simply getting her date of birth and home postal code, and subsequently manage to havest her secret answer from her rally speech. And that secret is "Wasilla high".

Simple enough? yes, that's a perfectly flawed security measure nowadays given that information is everywhere, some disclosed publicly thru speech, blogs and wikis and some acquired via social engineering.

That remind me of the importance of SSO, single sign on. Which essentially an attempt to not only streamline authentication systems, but also avoided a major problem of today's growing number of systems with authentications. I bet you have to remember at least 20 logins for 20 different sites, of which... 18 of them are using the same password!

Ok guys, time to revise my yahoo account's secrets. (and yours too)


Friday, September 05, 2008

JSWare view about Vista

Hmm... I've been using Vista for a year, get used to it, consider usable product though.


Hotmail hate Google Chrome?

It explains it all, Hotmail is very happy if you run Microsoft Internet Explorer, but it is equally happy too if you run Firefox or Apple Safari. BUT.... not Google Chrome!

Let's see when will Hotmail adopt Chrome in the list of compatible browsers.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Customer Experience Improvement Program , with a small trick?

This caught me by surprise, the little annoying icon at the icon tray came about after I've installed Vista SP1 over the night.

And look at the screen shot, asking you whether to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Look carefully, OK Button is disabled. At first sight, I though it designed to default the option to "I don't want to join the program at this time", but with the "OK" button it does seem you suggest that you have no choice but to participate in order to get ride of the annoying tray.

So, I do my usual software testing tricks, and looks like it is a bug! You can simply "workaround" the design of the trick to cheating you into participation by choosing to the first radio button and toggle back to the second one.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vista SP1 is out!

I've my little windows update icon asking for my attention that there are some new updates.

Apparently, it is the long awaited Service Pack 1 for Vista.

Look at this, the installation message is scary.

It reads:

Save your work, close all open programs, and then click Install.
The installation might take an hour or more. You cannot use your computer during that time.
Your computer will restart several times during installation.
They should add in one more note, "You should do this when you knock off from work."


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Internet Explorer 8, beta... , isn't any better for now.

Just after the Mozilla Firefox 3 launched, today I try to check how's Microsoft's Internet Explorer progressing. And I've downloaded and installed IE 8 Beta.

Some of the cool features as you can see in the screenshot:
1) The address bar, notice that the domain portion is highlighted by graying out the rest of the address string.
2) The Emulate IE7 toolbox button, you won't have headache now when IE8 doesn't work for you because you can "fall back" to IE7 via this button.

and some other cool features include the IE Developer Toolbar, which will be my essential IE development tool, had revised to have more advanced features.

One very bad thing that really dissappoint me is this -- even simple blog layout went misaligned.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3, what a disappointment

While I'm a supporter for Firefox 3, it had disappointed me.

First, I've been using the Beta 5 (rev1.9) Firefox weeks before the Download Record day. I though I should be getting some cool stuff today, but nothing more than what I've weeks ago.

Second, see the screen shots below, as far as I can remember, Firefox 2 fixed the issue, but it reappears in Firefox 3 -- the famous DHTML over Flash issue.

You notice that in IE it works, as in the flash didn't block the DHTML menu, and yet Firefox one, the menu is behind the flash.


After some "investigation", my fella colleague designer Samuel had figured out that adding parameter "wmode=transparent" will do the trick.

Yeah, it works, Firefox still rocks. this is the result by amending the param attributes via DOM inspector in firefox.

Hmm... Well, I'll then replace the disappointment with another issue, the speed issue, which I figured out that certain websites loads much slower in Firefox as compare to IE.


Download Firefox, make it a world record!

I might be a little bit late, but not too late either.

Help Mozilla to set a new world record by downloading the newly launched Firefox 3!

Though as soon as the site is launched for download, it was too overwhelmed and caused it to down for an hour or so.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SSL-Explorer: Free 2 Users VPN solution

Sometimes I really like google-ads, it really give links to some cool products. I've spotted this seems promising software from 3sp. It is called the SSL-Explorer, which the following introduction explains it:
SSL-Explorer: Enterprise Edition is a simple to install, yet powerful SSL VPN solution from 3SP Ltd. This product introduces a comprehensive range of security enhanced features designed specifically for the needs of corporate users - from small businesses to large global enterprises.
The download is about 42.4MB and I'm downloading it to give it a try. Will update more with screen shots when I've got it worked.

Get your free 2 users license here now!


Portable Computer Tracker for Windows

Come across this software from the company Turebulence Software.

They've released the Zecop program, which essentially is a piece of software that will send a piece of information containing the IP and a serial number set by the user to the user's email as soon as the software detects that IP had been changed. While this is a pretty easy concept that can be hacked, it isn't common, which means you might got a chance that the theft on the computer while connecting to the net and the program calls back and eventually you get back your laptop!

But I'm sure for expert users, this isn't something promising, but that might be helpful at time though. If you really care about your computer assets physical security, better off get a physical Kensington lock.

Well, a quick google on laptop lock brings me to this software as well, the LaptopLock. The software even bring the security tighter by asking the user to confirm their presence if it didn't detect internet connection for sometime! Well, its website says "It's free for now. It comes with no adware or spyware.", that might probably translate to "We'll charge for it one fine day.".

I've got the Zecop installed, so if you steal my laptop, you know that to do if you don't want me to track you down.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Try to crack this CAPTCHA?

I've previously posted about CAPTCHA image verification of hotmail and gmail being cracked, or massively being crack by spammer using human effort and training bots.

Happen to download some stuff from rapidshare, and saw this interesting CAPTCHA which probably require even more sophisticated programming work to break it.

I even need some time to figure out where are the cats and dogs! But well, since all the cat patterns are the same, I guess it won't be too hard for bots to recognize them, which will be faster than human eventually.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cisco's Linksys to be phased out.

Cisco's Linksys brand may disappear sooner than expected, according to a top executive for small business at the company, although he wouldn't say how quickly.

The company sells networking gear for SMBs under both the Cisco and Linksys brands, which has created some confusion, vice president of SMB Solutions Marketing Rick Moran acknowledged in an interview on Monday. Linksys was a successful vendor of home and SMB networking gear that Cisco acquired in 2003. There are routers, wireless LANs and other products under both brands that are aimed at small enterprises.

Taken from Networkworld.

This is the video on the announcement:

Somehow, I really don't understand why these people are burning/sawing/hammering their linksys router, they must have get very mad with it.

As for mine, my WRT300N is still working pretty well, so does my older WRT54G! Both flashed to 3rd party firmware and I'm happy with it!... well, at least for this moment, until it breaks...


CAPTCHA Breaking for Hotmail and Gmail

These people at Websense really impressed me. They've analyzed how automated bots planted on victim's pc were used to break the Microsoft Live Mail (Hotmail) CAPTCHA security defense as well as the popular Google's Gmail!

Read it on here, the article is well written and you'll get excited as you read thru.

In short, the workings isn't too hard either. Look at these CAPTCHA images from Hotmail and Gmail, they were being grabbed and sent to a website for manual recognition by human.

And should the result be correct (or wrong as well), the result is being sent to Artificial Intelligent training bot, which will learn on how to crack the CAPTCHA automatically sorely with machine recognition. If the training set is large enough, there goes the CAPTCHA line of defense.

There is no full proof way to avoid spammers signing up accounts, since they can always hire teenagers that are more than willing to signup multiple accounts at the internet cafe for them in return of some pocket money.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hacked Canon Powershot A95

Come across the CHDK program for Canon camera, which enable some of the modern canon compact camera to have RAW format and some other advanced stuff like scripting and time interval shooting. But unfortunately, my A95 is too ancient that it didn't run on the Digic II on the OS that CHDK runs on, but on DOS!

Well, I'm not out of hope though, did some search around and I manage to find there are DOS geeks that write program targeting the A95 canon camera!

This is one of the normal feature of the canon stuff, displaying its firmware version. I don't know what is that Error C003 means, if you know, do leave me a comment.

To show your firmware version, you can check on this FAQ at CHDK wiki, it works for A95 as well. Basically it is as easy as creating a file named "ver.req" in your CF root directory, turn on your camera, then hold on "set" and press "display" button. What was shown here was the firmware version after I've upgraded.

After copying some of the files into the CF card, to the DC97 folder, this is what I've got, all the 3 programs that I've "installed" on my CF card.

So, now we have Tetris on A95!

OKOK.. game over.

This is the best and must have program! I really hate it when my battery suddenly dies off when I'm shooting, and apparently there is no indication natively on A95 on your battery condition. And this program does that magic!

Some diagnostic program to check the camera system .

This is the program to calculate the Depth of Field for your photography needs, well, I'm not sure how to go about it for this though.

Last, but definitely not the least, but the best "unlock"! A95 used to be able to shoot only up to 30 seconds. After flashing it with third party modified firmware, unlocked A95 can now shot up to 180 seconds!

(updated contend adding the URL to the software site, 24 Apr 2008)
If you an A95 owner, I bet that you must be cursing me for making your hand itchy and making your in high spirit and yet you couldn't manage to find the software anywhere from google!

So here you go:
(google translated here)

All credits goes to Alex!

And then you'll start to curse me for not giving you the firmware:
( direct link

And, all credits goes to Rayer!

These people are really great and hardcore in doing embedded stuff!

Oh yeah! post your comment and share your thoughts if you got excited and willing.

(updated contend adding the URL to the software site, 24 May 2008)
Some of you can't figure out how to get the firmware working, here is the summary of the instruction:
1) Download the and up zipping it you'll get a file namely PS_A95.FIR.
2) Copy this file to your CF card (using your computer with a CF card writer).
3) Put the CF card into your A95 camera and start up your camera in the Display Mode.
4) Press the Menu button on your A95 camera, and you'll find there is one option in the menu for "Firmware Update..", go ahead with it.

Important Warning: This may break your camera if the firmware upgrade failed half way, and I'm not responsible for your lost. Make sure your battery is fully charged before attempt to upgrade the firmware. You are warned as well that this will definitely void your camera warranty. and last, make sure you are using A95 and not anything else!

For the other utilities, you can copy them to the folder "\DC97\MISC" in your CF card and you'll be able to launch those utilities from the Menu as well.

Hope all these helps and enjoy your Powershot A95!


(updated post to add instruction on how to check firmware version)

MySQL Workbench Bug!

I've submitted a bug report! That's to show my support for open source software!
Obviously, it is little bug which won't need any urgent fix.
Auto increment option was not cleared off internally when editing a column which had the
option ticked (with data type and subsequently changing the datatype to
non-applicable type (eg. char).

The problem will only manifest when forward engineer the model to script.

How to repeat:
Create a table with a column "whatever" with datatype "int" and make it auto increment.
Change the table by changing its datatype to "char(10)".
Export the model to script

Inspect the generated script and you'll find that the auto-increment is still applied.


I'm on "Mac"!

I had been a month since then, which I've got my hand on the iATKOS Mac Intel version of leopard on my Asus Laptop, A8Fm.

There goes some of the screenshoots I've got with my camera.

Just slot in the burned DVD and you are ready to go.

Installation is a breeze!

Oh.. so Apple thanked me for installing and using its Mac on my Intel laptop.

There are lots of cool stuff on Mac I must acknowledge that. In particularly, I love its spaces and expose! it is very much graphics oriented and you got to do lots of the stuff with mouse.

A thanks to my Mac friends, Darren, Mann Chuan, Hanin, Wee Tat and Benny for giving me tips on what some HOW TO, on macs! That's really cool!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Minimum speed for CDR?

This is interesting... I was burning my CentOS 5 ISOs to my high/good quality TDK disc.

Well, to ensure a high quality and good burn, I uses the lowest speed possible. Burners nowadays are very high speed and the lowest that I can go with my drive is 8x! That is the fastest speed for CDR drives 10 years ago!

Funny thing happens, it says "Media format not supported", that's weird... Mine are quality brand new disc! So, I tried to select the second lowest speed, which is 12x, and it worked. I never knew that there is a minimum burning speed for CDR, and now I know.


Hang up Linux!

I manage to hang my linux box!

Yes, my Linux box hang, and this is what I've did:
boot up, and up the interface eth1, then I wanted to change it to eth0 instead and figured out that I could just change the mac address in the config file at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX. So I went on and configure that and hoping to give it a reboot and get it switched.

Unfortunately, it hangs! and it won't response to Ctrl + Alt + Del as well, so even with a KVM over IP, it doesn't help. Eventually I have to get the Data Center technician to reset it for me.

It is a known issue though, you can here:


Friday, January 25, 2008

Dealing with INPUT Type="File" HTML

This site had a very detailed explanation and as well as implementation code on how to customize an File Input HTML field.

The concept is basically fade away the original real file input field and overlay above with a fake one at exact position. That looks great for graphics designer who wish to fully skin a web page.

A quick preview is here:

However, the problem comes when you have to change the with of the field, which you'll need to realign the fake layer.

Finally, after inspecting GMail's upload field, it seems to be just a plain old file input field, that's what I'll follow!

Take note that the CSS style "width" for file input file will work for IE but not Firefox, for Firefox, you have to add in the "size" attribute for the element itself.


Firefox TextArea Weird behaviour

I have this very weird behaviour with Firefox TextArea.

I was having the HTML like this:

And I'm doing this eventually in the javascript upon click of a button:
document.getElementById("txtStatus").innerHTML += "SomeResult"

Well, it works perfectly until you change the content of the TextArea manually, subsequent click on the button will "change" the innerHTML property but the display won't refresh and show you the changes.

I don't know what went wrong, but I got it kind of solved by using .value instead of .innerHTML, which it might be due to the design of innerHTML rather than specifically to TextArea.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

The one and only browser toolbar I'm loving - Netcraft

Phishing is very common nowadays and this news that I've read today shows why there's many more phishing sites are popping up:

Mr-Brain: Stealing Phish from Fraudsters

And this is where you should get your one and only toolbar:


Monday, January 21, 2008

Changing Windows Pre-Login Screen Wallpaper

Open the registry editor, by running "regedit" in the "run..." on your start menu.

Navigate to this location:
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper

Change it to any image that you might want to set it to, for me, I've simply set it blank as I just don't want to have it loaded.

In there you'll see various options to set for your desktop as well.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Remote Desktop Manager

I've found this to be handy for handing remote desktops:
It supports RDP, VNC, VMRC, RAS, Telnet, SSH, ICA Citrix.
Comes with many other networking tools like Ping, Trace Route, DNS Resolver, etc.
So far, this is my choice, although there's bugs on and off.

The others listed here are for reference, which some might found it handy for its simplicity.
It supports RDP and VNC.
It supports RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet.
It supports only RDP.


No non-sense All Boot Disks!

I simply love this site:

I've been looking for Boot Disks on and off in the past from google, and always got into some sites which ask for $$ for boot disk images and such. But today, I've got my luck, googled on "win98 iso boot disk" and I've instantly got this very nice site.

Why Win98 boot disk? oh.. I was helping my friend to get Win98 installed on his Virtual PC, but, apparently the Win98 CD that I have doesn't boot. And from experience in the past, I can only get some floppy image which I don't think there's any luck of it running on VPC, so I start looking for ISOs instead and voila, today is a good day. :-D


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Logging with log4net on ASP.NET v2.0

I've been wanting to use log4net for sometime, hearing on and off people using it for logging as well as its praises and popularity. But, just gonna find some time to check it out.

Downloaded from

Finally, I've decided to give it a kick and just want to make it work to log everything for my application.

Apparently, its sample files are based in .NET v1.0 and v1.1, rather than for v2.0, especially for the ASP.NET v2.0. So I had a hard time digging out how to do about it and of course, Google for it.

Fortunately, Phil Haack had done it a year back!

So here goes the link, all credits goes to Phil!

Thanks Phil!


I'm on the move! with Gizmo!

check it out at