Thursday, July 28, 2005

Developing MSN plugins

While thinking of what features to put on to Stickies.NET 2005, the idea of sending Stickies over MSN Messenger came to mind and I think it would be great.

So the first thing I've tried to figure out is, getting the SDK for Messenger. And after a few hours of findings, I figured out that all the forums and articles are talking about a class called "MessengerAPI", which I tried to get advice from Dr.Google with "MessengerAPI download", I've no luck.

And after going thru some frustration, I've got some light from one of the forum post, which uses RCW to the unmanaged messenger API. What a big mistake I've made/overlooked! That's probably because I'm not a VB6 programmer ever.

And finally I've managed to get it working to hook on some events of the MSN Messenger. However, out of all the events, there isn't an event that will raise when message text was received and sent. I guess that probably to prevent all sorts of MSN bots to flood the network.

So, my research went on and I've explore to another new arena that I wasn't familiar with before and that's the unmanged APIs. Apparently, you have to deal with unmanged Win32 API, in sending messages to the Window (and to its TextBox Control). It was painful as I've to do more reading on this to get it working, and so far my program doesn't work, which I guess I've got the wrong control ID for the textbox and button.

There are some the useful bookmarks that I've been reading over the night, until 1am!

COM Interop: Messenger Auto-Responder

DotMSN - .NET Messenger libraray :: Tweaks for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista


Wednesday, July 27, 2005


That's cool!

After meeting up with Shunjie and ZhongQiang this evening, I've got something from discussion, and that's the!

The efforts that I've invested in the past 1 week had almost going to drain as what I'm trying to come up with is an object model on the client-side javascript. Which I've been creating abstract "classes" on the client-side javascript and further devising the XMLSerialization functions for objects. And this took me few days to code and debug my javascript and regular expressions...

After all, if I ever success, that would be the And voila! it is there, schwarz had did all the cool stuff for us!

Here is some of the links that I've started off:

The JSON, javascript object notation:

Instead of using XML serialization, there's already this JSON thing which gives better performance than XML serialization. And had used that for serialization.

Isn't that cool? Well, the hope for my project to deliver ontime is getting brighter.. Thanks God!


Monday, July 25, 2005

jsTimer on the way...

I've spent about 2 days, which total up to a few hours to create a javascript based timer.

There's some simple function which enable user to start and stop the timer and also record each lap timings.

I was about to release and publish it (well, it is a trivial script after all), but got no time to go thru and write some license and disclaimers on GPL.