Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Microsoft Windows Desktop Search

This is really cool...

I've downloaded and installed the MS Desktop Search a few days ago, and indexed my inbox and my documents folder. Wow.. it is as good as google's one with more customizable settings -- you can specify which folders you want to index!

Further more, it supports various file types by Add-ins, which means the parsing of propriety file types is possible as long as the vendor developer the specific Add-in for the file type. Very cool isn't it?

Today, it had really helped me tremendously!! I was searching for a excel file which I've created about few months back. I was searching for a worksheet inside the excel, but I don't know which excel file!!... after an hour, I gave up. So, with my last hope, I enable indexing on my data drive and woalla~ after 30mins of indexing, I search with the keyword and instantly that's my file!!

cool? try it out yourselves!