Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Minimum speed for CDR?

This is interesting... I was burning my CentOS 5 ISOs to my high/good quality TDK disc.

Well, to ensure a high quality and good burn, I uses the lowest speed possible. Burners nowadays are very high speed and the lowest that I can go with my drive is 8x! That is the fastest speed for CDR drives 10 years ago!

Funny thing happens, it says "Media format not supported", that's weird... Mine are quality brand new disc! So, I tried to select the second lowest speed, which is 12x, and it worked. I never knew that there is a minimum burning speed for CDR, and now I know.


Hang up Linux!

I manage to hang my linux box!

Yes, my Linux box hang, and this is what I've did:
boot up, and up the interface eth1, then I wanted to change it to eth0 instead and figured out that I could just change the mac address in the config file at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX. So I went on and configure that and hoping to give it a reboot and get it switched.

Unfortunately, it hangs! and it won't response to Ctrl + Alt + Del as well, so even with a KVM over IP, it doesn't help. Eventually I have to get the Data Center technician to reset it for me.

It is a known issue though, you can here: