Friday, January 25, 2008

Dealing with INPUT Type="File" HTML

This site had a very detailed explanation and as well as implementation code on how to customize an File Input HTML field.

The concept is basically fade away the original real file input field and overlay above with a fake one at exact position. That looks great for graphics designer who wish to fully skin a web page.

A quick preview is here:

However, the problem comes when you have to change the with of the field, which you'll need to realign the fake layer.

Finally, after inspecting GMail's upload field, it seems to be just a plain old file input field, that's what I'll follow!

Take note that the CSS style "width" for file input file will work for IE but not Firefox, for Firefox, you have to add in the "size" attribute for the element itself.


Firefox TextArea Weird behaviour

I have this very weird behaviour with Firefox TextArea.

I was having the HTML like this:

And I'm doing this eventually in the javascript upon click of a button:
document.getElementById("txtStatus").innerHTML += "SomeResult"

Well, it works perfectly until you change the content of the TextArea manually, subsequent click on the button will "change" the innerHTML property but the display won't refresh and show you the changes.

I don't know what went wrong, but I got it kind of solved by using .value instead of .innerHTML, which it might be due to the design of innerHTML rather than specifically to TextArea.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

The one and only browser toolbar I'm loving - Netcraft

Phishing is very common nowadays and this news that I've read today shows why there's many more phishing sites are popping up:

Mr-Brain: Stealing Phish from Fraudsters

And this is where you should get your one and only toolbar:


Monday, January 21, 2008

Changing Windows Pre-Login Screen Wallpaper

Open the registry editor, by running "regedit" in the "run..." on your start menu.

Navigate to this location:
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper

Change it to any image that you might want to set it to, for me, I've simply set it blank as I just don't want to have it loaded.

In there you'll see various options to set for your desktop as well.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Remote Desktop Manager

I've found this to be handy for handing remote desktops:
It supports RDP, VNC, VMRC, RAS, Telnet, SSH, ICA Citrix.
Comes with many other networking tools like Ping, Trace Route, DNS Resolver, etc.
So far, this is my choice, although there's bugs on and off.

The others listed here are for reference, which some might found it handy for its simplicity.
It supports RDP and VNC.
It supports RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet.
It supports only RDP.


No non-sense All Boot Disks!

I simply love this site:

I've been looking for Boot Disks on and off in the past from google, and always got into some sites which ask for $$ for boot disk images and such. But today, I've got my luck, googled on "win98 iso boot disk" and I've instantly got this very nice site.

Why Win98 boot disk? oh.. I was helping my friend to get Win98 installed on his Virtual PC, but, apparently the Win98 CD that I have doesn't boot. And from experience in the past, I can only get some floppy image which I don't think there's any luck of it running on VPC, so I start looking for ISOs instead and voila, today is a good day. :-D