Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yet another browser, Safari, now on your Windows Box!

Announced on Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Safari, the web browser that had been 5 years on Macintosh, now available on Microsoft Windows!

Now on its version 3 on public beta, it seems like the browser war is getting nearer.

The 8MB installer download and installation took me less than 5 minutes on my broadband line.
During the installation, it will ask to install apple software bundle, the apple software updater, I simple install all, just trust Apple won't do any harm to me.

Wow! the feeling is cool, I got safari running on my Vista machine now!

What does this mean to a Developer?... that means, there's no need to buy a Apple to test out how your web application will look like for Mac Users! save some big bucks and time!

Get a peek at what Apple Software Updater will give me, as expected, iTune and Quicktime.

So now, I've Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, with Firefox being my favorite, let's see if Safari and do any better.


Monday, June 11, 2007

A Potato-Powered Web Server

See to believe it! It is the smallest web server ever! (erm... maybe not, adding all the potatos).