Wednesday, July 27, 2005


That's cool!

After meeting up with Shunjie and ZhongQiang this evening, I've got something from discussion, and that's the!

The efforts that I've invested in the past 1 week had almost going to drain as what I'm trying to come up with is an object model on the client-side javascript. Which I've been creating abstract "classes" on the client-side javascript and further devising the XMLSerialization functions for objects. And this took me few days to code and debug my javascript and regular expressions...

After all, if I ever success, that would be the And voila! it is there, schwarz had did all the cool stuff for us!

Here is some of the links that I've started off:

The JSON, javascript object notation:

Instead of using XML serialization, there's already this JSON thing which gives better performance than XML serialization. And had used that for serialization.

Isn't that cool? Well, the hope for my project to deliver ontime is getting brighter.. Thanks God!


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