Thursday, June 19, 2008

Internet Explorer 8, beta... , isn't any better for now.

Just after the Mozilla Firefox 3 launched, today I try to check how's Microsoft's Internet Explorer progressing. And I've downloaded and installed IE 8 Beta.

Some of the cool features as you can see in the screenshot:
1) The address bar, notice that the domain portion is highlighted by graying out the rest of the address string.
2) The Emulate IE7 toolbox button, you won't have headache now when IE8 doesn't work for you because you can "fall back" to IE7 via this button.

and some other cool features include the IE Developer Toolbar, which will be my essential IE development tool, had revised to have more advanced features.

One very bad thing that really dissappoint me is this -- even simple blog layout went misaligned.


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