Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cisco's Linksys to be phased out.

Cisco's Linksys brand may disappear sooner than expected, according to a top executive for small business at the company, although he wouldn't say how quickly.

The company sells networking gear for SMBs under both the Cisco and Linksys brands, which has created some confusion, vice president of SMB Solutions Marketing Rick Moran acknowledged in an interview on Monday. Linksys was a successful vendor of home and SMB networking gear that Cisco acquired in 2003. There are routers, wireless LANs and other products under both brands that are aimed at small enterprises.

Taken from Networkworld.

This is the video on the announcement:

Somehow, I really don't understand why these people are burning/sawing/hammering their linksys router, they must have get very mad with it.

As for mine, my WRT300N is still working pretty well, so does my older WRT54G! Both flashed to 3rd party firmware and I'm happy with it!... well, at least for this moment, until it breaks...


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