Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm on "Mac"!

I had been a month since then, which I've got my hand on the iATKOS Mac Intel version of leopard on my Asus Laptop, A8Fm.

There goes some of the screenshoots I've got with my camera.

Just slot in the burned DVD and you are ready to go.

Installation is a breeze!

Oh.. so Apple thanked me for installing and using its Mac on my Intel laptop.

There are lots of cool stuff on Mac I must acknowledge that. In particularly, I love its spaces and expose! it is very much graphics oriented and you got to do lots of the stuff with mouse.

A thanks to my Mac friends, Darren, Mann Chuan, Hanin, Wee Tat and Benny for giving me tips on what some HOW TO, on macs! That's really cool!


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