Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SSL-Explorer: Free 2 Users VPN solution

Sometimes I really like google-ads, it really give links to some cool products. I've spotted this seems promising software from 3sp. It is called the SSL-Explorer, which the following introduction explains it:
SSL-Explorer: Enterprise Edition is a simple to install, yet powerful SSL VPN solution from 3SP Ltd. This product introduces a comprehensive range of security enhanced features designed specifically for the needs of corporate users - from small businesses to large global enterprises.
The download is about 42.4MB and I'm downloading it to give it a try. Will update more with screen shots when I've got it worked.

Get your free 2 users license here now!



Samuel said...


I want to setup this program. But they stop the free license already. Can you send me the free license file? Thanks.

email: samuelhk@hotmail.com


choongseng said...

Hi Samuel,

I managed to find the file from my backup harddisk and there you go:


tioviez said...

hi choongseng,

the files u give above didn't contain any license file, but the windows intaller only.

can u search for more? i really need it bro :)

thx a bunch