Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why I use Google instead of Live Search

I wanted to try out Windows 7 which Microsoft had just released to everyone in Beta form.

So the very first thing, I do a search. And very quickly I get to the download page and I need to login with my live ID, so I logged in and no luck, it gave me a turning bubble and nothing else.

So I guess, for sure I need to use Internet Explorer right?

I turn to my IE8 beta and try my luck with the Live Search (give them a chance right), since it is a Microsoft stuff, I expect to get the link in the top few list.

But.. see for yourself:

Search "Download Windows 7" on google, I got the link to microsoft on the 1st page, 7th link.

Search "Windows 7" on google, I got it on the 3rd link in the 1st page.

I'm sorry Live Search, it clearly shows that I never get to the Microsoft Windows 7 page fron the 1st page of the search result from Live Search. And that means, it is rather a waste of time to search on Live Search in view of this kind of result.


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