Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vista DVD/CD Reading Problem - Solved!

Yeah, I've been troubled by this stupid problem for months!

I've tried many DVD-R (plus and minus) as well as many CD-R on my Asus laptop, and it turns out that most CDR are readable and most DVDR isn't. And it seems like those pre-pressed DVD are ok. Well, this is annoying. I've burned a RAM-test disc CDR, it could read in my Vista, but guess what, it can be used to boot up w/o problem!

So, my quest to find the solution to it starts. I tried some weeks earlier, but no success, until I verified that it is not my drive compability issue (the fact that it can be used to boot up), I trust that there must be an issue with Vista, which Microsoft should have an answer for it.

Here goes the solution: simple uninstall the driver and let it install back itself again. The problem lies with the driver, which is probably being replaced or modified by some third party software that you've installed.
(Solution from:

Cool, now I'm happy to knock off to bed.


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